Dec 3, 2013

East Austin Charm

chia houzz-33

My latest Houzz tour featuring this lovely artist family is up now.

Jul 30, 2013

Sustainable Tree House for Houzz

South Austin Sustainable Home

My first feature on Houzz is up! It’s about this incredible sustainable tree house in South Austin. More about this beautiful home here.

South Austin Sustainable Home

South Austin Sustainable Home

South Austin Sustainable Home

May 10, 2013

Shoot. Downtown Austin.

I got the chance to shoot this beautiful condo in downtown Austin last week. Isn’t it pretty? The sun was setting as soon as I entered the home. I’m kinda obsessed with the crazy jungle pool area. Since I’ve returned to Austin after three years across the pond, I’ve seen an explosion of condos pop up in the downtown area. I’m really happy to see the city growing up and central instead of sprawling out (although that’s still happening). I really hope Austin can keep progressing towards a more walkable and urban space, maybe even a wonderful bike city? Its a lot to ask for Texas but if I can just smash Austin and Amsterdam into one city…sigh.


May 8, 2013

“Sometimes you have to do some stupid things just to try them. Trust yourself and explore.”- Yuka Izutsu

May 6, 2013

Kim’s Advice

I’ve been following Dutch illustrator Kim Welling’s work for a couple years now. I love her unique style and her fun products she sells on etsy. I especially love the advice she gives to other sellers and artists on her blog. Want to know about invoicing or how to start an etsy shop? Just ask Kim!

May 3, 2013


Here’s a little inspiration for your Friday. Artwork by Jimmy Marble. Available here.

May 2, 2013

First Sales & Biz Talk

Yay I had my first sales on etsy for my new little stationery collection. Thanks for being my first customers! I have a million more things to tweak and add to the collection but its nice motivation to get off on a good start.

Also, I have decided to write more on this blog about the process of starting my side business(s). More specifically my stationery line but also whatever else comes up in my life as a freelancer/self-employed/creative entrepreneur person.

Ever since I’ve left Amsterdam and moved back to the ol’ US of A, I have really tried to get some of my little side projects off the ground. I opened my photography etsy shop right before I left Amsterdam but something about living in that city kept me distracted from many of my own personal creative goals. I was busy running a magazine but I also made a lot of excuses when I lived there (I still do) about how the language barrier kept me from networking with people and how customers were reluctant to buy from abroad, etc.. I was all a bunch of crap but it actually kept me from really pursuing anything tangible.

Trying to make da skrilla from doing something creative is hard, but frankly I think fear is what holds most people back. It’s scary to put yourself out there. What if people hate your idea? What if you go broke? Following your own path is risky business.

Since starting this latest venture, I’ve been searching high and low on the internet for inspiring people and resources to learn more. I’m discovering a ton but this is just the very beginning. So since I’m basically starting from scratch when it comes to business, I want to share with you my experiences from step one. I’m sure there will be plenty of mistakes, and maybe it’ll end before it really begins but at the very least there will be lessons learned…and colorful paper. 

Apr 30, 2013

Happy Queens Day Holland!

 Queens Day Amsterdam 2010_13

I’m not being sarcastic when I say that Queen’s Day is my favorite holiday (besides Thanksgiving). It’s so good. I don’t even understand why it’s so good when its just a bunch of Dutch people drinking around town to electro music in orange costumes. But trust me when I say its amazing. Think SXSW amazing to all you Austin peeps. Anyways, its times like these when I get homesick for quirky Amsterdam. I hope it’s a magical day in Holland. Happy Queens Day!