Apr 10, 2012

Things I Ate in Texas

Houston Texas Kema_6

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve left Texas and now it’s time to reflect on every unhealthy but awesome dish I digested there. I ate A LOT in two weeks. Duh, that’s what you do in Texas. After this gorging period, my body really felt the need to detox. I had my salads and vegetarian meals and now I’m back to craving the usual tex-mex and steaks. So here’s a post specifically to make my current self jealous of everything my past self ate a few weeks back. If you ever visit Houston or Austin, eat at these places!

houston Texas_13

The Breakfast Klub: Pure Houston soul food. Yes, I had waffles and chicken wings at 9am, and yes it was everything I could ever ask for in a breakfast and more. The place has a nice vibe but it gets busy. By 11 am there was a line all the way around the corner. Either get this dish or the catfish with grits.

Houston Texas Kema_5

Cadillac Bar & Grill: You’re typical cheesey awesome tex-mex. I had the stacked chicken enchiladas smotherd in a suiza tomatillo sauce. Mmmmm.

houston Texas_11

houston Texas_10

Taste of Texas: You can’t go to Texas without eating a good steak. This is a solid, slightly upscale steakhouse in Houston with very good cuts of beef. They take their meat so seriously you can even go to the back and order which steak you want from the butcher! It was probably one of the best steaks I had in my life.

Austin Texas 2012  _24

Asia Cafe: I’ve been coming to this random Chinese supermarket/restaurant for years. If you want authentic chinese food, go here. This place is LEGIT. Melt in your mouth dumplings, tender spicy fish, and goood mapo tofu.

Austin Texas 2012  _27

Threadgill’s: The other thing you must try in Texas is chicken fried steak. It’s a steak deep fried like chicken and smothered in gravy. I love threadgill’s because they have the best side dishes. You want fried okra, sweet potato fries, broccoli casserole? They have it all when it comes to southern comfort food.

Austin Texas 2012  _5

Curra’s Grill: This place offers a giant selection of interior Mexican dishes for cheap. The one negative is they make you pay for chips and salsa. But, they have a two page breakfast menu (yes!) and amazing avocado margaritas. Yes, order it for breakfast. It’s delicious.

There’s two other notable places I ate at but was so hungry I scarfed down the meal before taking pictures. Nonetheless, they need to be mentioned. Round Rock Barbeque is surprisingly the best bbq I’ve had in my life. Their brisket is melt in your mouth tender and one of their side dishes is a tamale potato salad! ahhh. The other place is BBQ Garden, a Korean joint in Houston. They had great pork belly, and didn’t skimp on the kimichi side dishes.

I love food.


  • Love this post. Eating is my favorite. But eating in TX is the absolute best and this post made me not only the most happy, but the most jealous as well <3

    • I know! I’m jealous that I ate that last month and I can’t have it again now! I plan my visits to Texas around places to eat. Then I make my friends meet me there if they want to see me :)/



  • Avocado margaritas! I need to get on that.

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