Nov 28, 2012

On Sluggishness

(image via The Oatmeal)

Wow what a month! I went from going a million miles per hour to pure gluttonous sloth-like laziness. Thanksgiving eased me right into this transition and I think I may have entered the in-between. The in-between is the time you have to catch your breath before you dive into another project/job/move. Its a chunk of life that seems almost unattainable when you’re drowning in work and errands and parties, etc  and you make grand proclamations that if you ever had this time you would surely spend it training for marathons or writing a cookbook or painting a master piece.

Well let me tell you about me during the in-between. I finished my studio tour and design contract only a week ago and I have gone from a buzzing happy bee to  an insomniac who munches on turkey legs whilst watching travel documentaries until the wee hours of the morning. I think to myself, “Hey! I should write on my blog, or work on my etsy shop, or work out!” and every time the next thought that enters my mind is “Yes! You will do all those things, but since you’re sooo free, just sleep in a little and relax….FOREVER.”

So I guess I’m very lazy when I want to be and very productive when I need to be. But my erratic schedule throughout my twenties have shown a pattern: When I’m busy, I can conquer all. When I have no obligations, I can barely make it to the post office.

My motto in my  in-between is “The post office will be there tomorrow right?”

When I’m busy, I’m like a whirling tornado and little errands just get sucked in and scheduled around my other commitments and  all miraculously gets done.

The only thing I do know is I might as well enjoy this pajama wearing time because another storm is likely to come sooner than later.  What about you? Do you use down time to catch up on things? Or is it spent staring off into space like me? I’m curious!

P.S. Check out this mostly Japanese winter themed mixtape by Hello Sandwich! Its whimsical quality can be equally enjoyed while being productive or in lounge pajama mode.

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