Jan 3, 2013
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Creative Mornings with Maira Kalman

Remember my obsession with illustrator Maira Kalman? Well she spoke at creative mornings recently. Check it out.

Jan 2, 2013

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”


-Eleanor Roosevelt


Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New year!! I’ve pretty much been MIA since I’m spending the holidays in majestic Scotland. It’s been a beautiful and whiskey filled trip. I’m vegging out pretty hard today and reflecting on the past year. 2012 was a year of big transitions. My three year rendezvous with Amsterdam ended which was pretty hectic and confusing but thankfully my transition back to Austin has been relatively easy (and tasty).

I’ve also had some big career changes. After leaving the Amsterdam magazine world, I finally pushed myself to get a studio and start selling my own designs/photography which has been amazing. I’ve barely scratched the surface but I really want to make a big push to make and sell more work this year. Along with my photography print shop, I plan on opening a second design shop to sell all my handmade creations and I’m super excited to see where that goes.

2013. Lets do this.

What are your plans?

Dec 6, 2012

Fuck it. Thoughts by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler: Keep Other People’s Opinions Out Of Your Creative Process from 99U on Vimeo.

If you have read my blog you might have noticed my love for the successful creative who wears many hats. Obviously this has a lot to do with me trying to figure out my place in this creative world and my varied interests in so many mediums.

So If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate Jonathan Adler’s sentiments.

On Strategy:

“Strategy, you don’t need it.”

On making pottery:

“People have preconceived notions of what pottery is supposed to be. I just wanted to make whatever I wanted to make. Fuck it, I’ll make it.”

Advice for others:

“Anyone who is starting a job, starting a business, or approaching any creative project should have this attitude which is Fuck it, There’s nothing to Lose, nothing to gain.”

Of course he does eventually talk about his strategic approach but for the first years of creating, he kept this casual attitude to making pottery which he found very liberating. When he became more established, he branded his work as “Happy Chic” so he could then move out of just pottery and design anything he wanted for the home.

An inspiring talk for people who feel stuck in their work or afraid to jump the gun and create what they really want. Listen to Adler. Fuck it.


Dec 4, 2012

Happy Documentary

Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.

I used to love looking up ranks of countries with the best quality of life and trying to figure out why some cultures/people are happier than others. Obviously war and famine stricken places aren’t as happy as peaceful and economically stable ones. But regardless there’s huge fluctuations in happiness among people with similar lifestyles. The documentary Happy explores the levels of happiness among individuals on the psychological and sociological level. Its interesting to see how genetics, geography, socioeconomic status, and relationships all influence one’s state of well being. And how surprisingly little some factors (like money) have on your happiness.

Interesting fact: People who put themselves in the state of “flow” tend to be happier. Engaging in flow means involving yourself in activities where you are so focused, so lost in the moment that you lose your ego. It can be active like rock climbing or creative like painting or writing.


Nov 28, 2012

On Sluggishness

(image via The Oatmeal)

Wow what a month! I went from going a million miles per hour to pure gluttonous sloth-like laziness. Thanksgiving eased me right into this transition and I think I may have entered the in-between. The in-between is the time you have to catch your breath before you dive into another project/job/move. Its a chunk of life that seems almost unattainable when you’re drowning in work and errands and parties, etc  and you make grand proclamations that if you ever had this time you would surely spend it training for marathons or writing a cookbook or painting a master piece.

Well let me tell you about me during the in-between. I finished my studio tour and design contract only a week ago and I have gone from a buzzing happy bee to  an insomniac who munches on turkey legs whilst watching travel documentaries until the wee hours of the morning. I think to myself, “Hey! I should write on my blog, or work on my etsy shop, or work out!” and every time the next thought that enters my mind is “Yes! You will do all those things, but since you’re sooo free, just sleep in a little and relax….FOREVER.”

So I guess I’m very lazy when I want to be and very productive when I need to be. But my erratic schedule throughout my twenties have shown a pattern: When I’m busy, I can conquer all. When I have no obligations, I can barely make it to the post office.

My motto in my  in-between is “The post office will be there tomorrow right?”

When I’m busy, I’m like a whirling tornado and little errands just get sucked in and scheduled around my other commitments and  all miraculously gets done.

The only thing I do know is I might as well enjoy this pajama wearing time because another storm is likely to come sooner than later.  What about you? Do you use down time to catch up on things? Or is it spent staring off into space like me? I’m curious!

P.S. Check out this mostly Japanese winter themed mixtape by Hello Sandwich! Its whimsical quality can be equally enjoyed while being productive or in lounge pajama mode.

Nov 10, 2012

Live from E.A.S.T!

I feel like a news journalist. This is Sarah Moore,  live blogging at the Up Collective for the East Austin Studio Tours. I’m still frantically  hanging frames and running around while strangers walk in and out but the vibe here is great! Lots of great art everywhere, interesting conversations, music, and even dragons! Feel free to stop by and see my work!

When: The tour will go on til 6 pm today and from 11 am -6pm tomorrow.  Doors will be open again on Nov 17 & 18 from 11-6. And lots of other events are happening all week long!

Where: 2326 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702

Oct 30, 2012

Winter Postcard Series

I’ve added to my reindeer postcard collection with two more snowy Norwegian scenes. All available now at my shop!


Oct 29, 2012

Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley 2012

Took an impromptu day trip to Wimberley, Texas. It’s a sleepy little tourist town an hour south of Austin. Ate Fudge, hung out with some miniature donkeys, and went to a winery. I’m loving Texas these days.

wimberley 2012_15

wimberley 2012_11 wimberley 2012_9

wimberley 2012_7

Wimberley 2012_5

Oct 28, 2012

Feliz Austin

You know all those awesome handmade objects you covet on pinterst? Well you can find these things (and the makers) IN REAL LIFE this weekend at Feliz Sale! I’ll be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping here and I’m excited to meet the artists/artisans behind the many online shops I’ve been stalking the past few years. There will be meet and greets, creative workshops, and the main sale at the Palm Door on Sunday November 4. Woohoo!

Wall decals by Shanna Murray

Want these earrings, by Stone & Honey

And probably need this cactus tea towel by Leah Duncan.